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Operating Room

A room in a Hospital Site of a provider registered with the Care Quality Commission, containing one or two operating tables or other similar devices. An OPERATING THEATRE accommodates one or two PATIENTS at a time during and only during the period in which, under the direct supervision of a registered medical practitioner, registered dental practitioner or other statutory registered practitioner (who are appropriately trained and qualified to carry out the regulated activity of performing surgical procedures), the PATIENT (s) can undergo operative treatment in pregnancy or childbirth or for the prevention, cure, relief or diagnosis of disease. The facilities needed for the bulk of the work and available for all PATIENTS shall permit:

Clean room adalah area yang beresiko tinggi yang mana konsep dan perencanaannya membutuhkan perhatian khusus untuk mengatasi masalah utamanya yaitu kontaminasi. Sistem tata udara, Airlock system serta material lantai, dinding dan atap ruangan merupakan fokus utama dalam perencanaan pembuatan clean room. medical panel sebagai material dinding dan atap serta dikombinasikan dengan lantai yang dilapisi dengan vinyl anti bacterial merupakan produk unggulan kami.